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The rich and colourful mosaic of India is best manifested through the many festivals and fairs which either celebrate the bounty of nature or pay homage to the many Gods influencing the lives of the people. Each region has its own favorite event and it is this cultural diversity that captures the spirit and unity of the country. Many of the festivals in India are linked to the Hindu lunar calendar. Hence, the actual dates on which the festivals fall, vary year after year by English Calendar which is Solar based. However, since the calendar is adjusted every four years, the fluctuations are not more than a month.

Only rarely are places as flawless as one dreams of them. However, India girdled by the Himalayas, lakes and beaches proves that sometimes reality can be more enchanting than fantasy. No wonder that India has for decades, drawn honeymooners & couples from all parts of the world. The country draws the young and the trendy who look like a million dollars but are not necessarily anxious to live in the lap of luxury. Its enduring charm lies in its photogenic good looks. Fantastically atmospheric, India is just the place for a low key romantic honeymoon without being saccharine. You can enjoy your honeymoon with the rustle of palm trees and the sound of waves lapping against the golden beach below. Yes, long after the holiday photographs have started to fade, the memories of your honeymoon in India will remain as fresh as air on the beaches.

Looking for peace and serenity?? Find it in the raw diversity of India's good looks best captured in the North eastern region. Visit India to embrace her many charms. One would imagine the unexpected after cruising down the Lakshadweep - a corridor of islands running south of India. But then, India is full of pleasant surprises. Towards Himalayas it's a cluster of lush green meadows peppered with cottages rolling out towards the foothills of snow-clad mountains. From here one sets off on a drive across majestic snow-tipped fjords towards the enchanting valleys in Jammu and Kashmir or Northeastern region of India. One such stop can be by a rippling river or by scenic water falls which snakes through meadows painted in the rainbow colors of blooming wildflowers.

Numerous statues of Saints, Gods and Angels perched on top of the pillared columns encircling cities in India. Yes, India is a country that sometimes unfolds like a divine stage play in which the actors are bound by a single quest for divinity. Here the heaven needling spires of the temples that rise along the banks and the constant tolling of bells and chanting of hymns have the potential of transforming even a ranting atheist into a believer. This is spiritual India in your face, where the armless beggar and the ash-smeared Sadhu glow with an inner divinity and joy. Yoga, Meditation and Aartis... are the buzz words in India and seem to be the different modes of seeking salvation. And while there are genuine centers that offer spiritual packages for troubled souls, everywhere you turn there are temples and shrines. There's no getting away from God in India!

Here we set off on a journey on the Golden Chariot, India's newest luxury train, as it trundles across the Southern State of Karnataka like a wandering nomad, taking in all the amazing wonders the region has to offer. On its week-long journey across Karnataka the train turns the timeworn cliché - you don't see India from the train, but on the train - on its head. For here is an oasis where guests imbibe huge gulps of local flavors unravelled outside their curtained windows, as they are snugly cushioned from the normal functioning of Indian Railways which moves some 11 million people across the country each day. The 7-day itinerary is an embarrassment of riches: national parks brimming with wildlife; three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, pilgrim complexes, grand palaces, historic locations, golden beaches... Returning to the Golden Chariot each night is like a home coming. Yes, it is easy to get used to the pampering and creature comforts. And as the train pulls into Bangalore on the last day, you feel rested and rejuvenated unlike other nerve wracking journeys on Indian trains.

It can be a gory sight as a pride of hungry lions with bloodied mouths tear into the carcass of their prey. Welcome to Wild India! Probably the most popular of many wildlife reserves in Rajasthan is Ranthambhore National Park. Other important game parks are Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (within easy striking distance of Agra and Jaipur), Sariska Tiger Reserve & National Park and the Kumbhalgarh Game Reserve near Udaipur. In addition one can go into the desert on romantic Camel Safaris from Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Other popular sanctuaries in India are Manas Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam and Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal. In India, spotting a tiger is an obsession, spotting the Big Five (comprising of lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo) seems to be the goal here. Many Lodges/Reserves also offer trekking safaris where guests set out on foot with qualified rangers carrying loaded rifles.

You will find paradise at the edge of nowhere. The archipelago of islands, off the Southwest coast of South India, Coral Outcrops in the Arabian Sea, are what dreams are made of: powdered white beaches lined with swaying coconut palms and emerald-blue lagoons. The first thing that strikes visitors as they stroll down its pristine beaches is a feeling of being strewed with millions of shells, each one home to fascinating little creatures with eyes on antennas. One tends to tease them but eventually returns them to the sea. One recognizes that these were living beaches still largely untouched by man and tourists and that one has stumbled on them but briefly. Much of the time spent here is on the beach, splashing around in warm inviting waters and/or peering into their depths through a glass-bottomed boat and marveling at the exotic fish that swim amongst colorful Coral Gardens. India is home of frolic on virgin beaches and in crystal clear waters.

India is a perfect destination for medical tourism combining health treatment with visits to some of the most alluring and awe-inspiring places of the world. A growing number of tourists are flocking in large numbers because of the superlative medical care, equipments and facilities that India offers. India excels in providing quality and cheap health care services to overseas tourists. In 2004, some 150,000 foreigners visited India for treatment, and the numbers have been rising by about 15 percent each year. Arzoo.com will ensure that your stay in India and home return is completely hassle free. We are a One Stop Shop for all your medical tour needs.