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Medical Services:

To avail the right treatment, information about the various medical possibilities and options is extremely critical and important. Arzoo thus invites you to make a truly informed choice of treatment for your particular medical condition.

Pre Consultation is divided into two aspects

1) Symptoms
2) Post Diagnosis

Symptoms: When you basically is unaware of any medical problem and has not undergone any checkups or treatment with local medical team; you are unwell or foresees some kind of medical disorder.

Post Diagnosis: After you have under gone various treatments or check up with local doctor and Medical team and further want to do treatment in India.

Stay and Travel Arrangement:

On your arrival in India for medical tourism, Arzoo professional shall escort you all along while you would be availing the medical treatment at your chosen hospital. Arzoo offers wide range of accommodation options while you or your loved one are in India, ranging from options among Star Hotels to Serviced Apartments - with or without nursing care.

First Day: Customer is welcomed at the Airport by the relationship manager, and taken to the hotel, where all the formalities, pending documentation and Payment are done by our representative. After the formalities our representative would submit all the documents at our office.

Second Day: On confirmation of appointment with Hospital customer would be taken to Hospital for Pre check up, followed by required Diagnosis.

Third day: Further diagnosis and report on availability, there would be consultation with the doctor and further process would be detailed. Our Director - Operations would call you up to check your comfort level, you also can call us at our office at any uncomfortable situation.

Stay in Mumbai: We are tied up with world class Hotels and Resorts across the country so that you get best of the comfort far way from home. We have been careful about your choice of food and have made sure our Partner hotels have the best of international food with 24x 7 Cafeteria, and cable TV with international channels for you and your family amusements, also 24 hour WI- FI connected internet. We have categorized the hotel to suit your budget.

Medical Treatment:

Our network of hospitals have comprehensive protocols for pre-operative, operative and post operative care which could be benchmarked with the best in the world. Your companion liaisons with the hospital administration for any of special requirements during the hospital stay.

Arzoo has preferential association with chosen few centers of medical excellence in India, and work closely with them to deliver world class healthcare services, The hospitals are selected on a number of parameters including experience in specific healthcare segments few hospitals where we are associated are JCI Accreditation. We understand the importance of reliability and dependability. We work hard to gain patients' confidence. We have adopted strict quality control checks at different aspects of our services. Our panel of consultants and surgeons are highly trained and experts in their fields. Most of the doctors have vast national and international experience in the critical surgeries and procedures they perform.

Post-Procedure Consultation:

Post the medical procedure, you may be kept under direct supervision of the treating doctor / surgeon at the hospital for first few days as recommended, depending upon the procedure. Before you are discharged from the hospital, your treating doctor / surgeon suggests on your fitness to travel.

As with any medical procedure, the hope is that all will go according to plan and schedule. Yet, even while anticipating a smooth procedure, one must still be diligent about planning for the recovery period. Likewise, for the sake of prudence and caution, one should anticipate possible complications and make arrangements ahead-of-time.

Post Procedure Care Post the medical procedure; you may be kept under direct supervision of the treating doctor/surgeon at the hospital for first few days as recommended, depending upon the procedure. Before you are discharged from the hospital, your treating doctor/surgeon suggests on your fitness to travel.

In some cases, depending on the procedure and your medical condition, you may be asked for a follow-up face to face consultation/health assessment to be carried out. After the first few days of direct supervision you may have to vacate the hospital room. Your companion would escort you to an accommodation of choice.

During this time, you can choose to stay at our Serviced Apartments where complete nursing care by a professionally trained and qualified Nurse would be available. You or your loved one can recuperate in a homely environment with professional nursing care till the time you are not fit for travel or have to wait for a follow-up consultation with the doctor/surgeon. As suggested by the treating doctor/surgeon, rehabilitation services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy can also be administered at your serviced apartment.

Follow Up:

On your discharge from the hospital, the treating doctor / surgeon will provide you with comprehensive notes including diagnostic reports, discharge report, CD of the procedure carried out to be passed on to your physician/hospital back home for effective follow-up.

Arzoo would be happy serving any of your or your physician's queries through e-mail or phone. Also, you or your local GP/Physician are most welcome to speak directly with our doctors and surgeons - either by phone or email.

Some important sections in our follow-ups :

1. Continuous Feedback from Treating consultants till the patient is discharged

2. Post Surgical follow-up with the consulting doctor as per discharge summary

3. Video Conferencing with Consultant after reaching back to home country

4. Tele-video conferencing with the treating facilities if required

5. Any Post surgical Para-medic equipments like Walking aids, Bathroom Aids, would be arranged on special discounted rates /on rental basis

6. Post surgical rejuvenation with Ayurvedic Healing, Aroma Therapy or any other alternative systems.